Sources Of Fine Quality Ruby Gemstone

About Ruby Gemstone:

Ruby is a Blood red Colored Gemstone.  It is one of the precious Gemstone. The word Ruby comes from “Lubens“ which means Red. The most precious of Rich Red color which has a little blue tone in it. Rubies sourced from mines, it’s the purest form the mineral corundum is colorless. Chromium (which is an element) that causes the ruby red.

Sources Of Ruby Gemstone:

Burma Ruby Gemstone:

Burma is a place, which is now named as “Myanmar”. It is the founder of Rubies from the stone age. They have legendary mines from where pure blood-red rubies are found. Burma also made intense pinkish Red rubies which are extremely beautiful. Rubies from Burma have a strong red fluorescence when comes to contact with ultraviolet rays add extra color to it.

Thailand Ruby Gemstone:

Burma’s most rubies are cut and marketed in Thailand.Rubies in Thailand have little darker tone  (a real red tending toward burgundy) than Burma. 90% of the world’s ruby goes through Thailand at some point. The largest ruby cutting factories are in Chanthaburi  (Area in Thailand).

Sri Lanka and Bangkok:

They have pinkish and Voiletish in tone. Some of the rubies in Sri Lanka are pastel in tone. Bangkok is generally famous for its Rubies. People from all over the world come to Bangkok to buy Ruby.

Kenya and Tanzania:

Most of the Rubies from these places diminish transparency. Their color rivals are the world’s best. Most collection from there has many inclusions. They have fantastic colors to display.

Pakistan and Afghanistan:

Both places have top quality ruby for sale in their markets. Their rubies do not have any tiny flaws. For buying natural ruby stone gemstone certification is necessary.

Nayaseik Rubies:

The Nayaseik and Tanai Rubies Deposits in Kachin (state) in North Burma (known as Myanmar).They are usually very transparent in nature. Typically, most of them are pinkish red.


These are most of the sources from where the Ruby is formed. All have some different points like somewhere Ruby is pinkish, somewhere dark red, etc.

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