established in the year 2006 with the intent of assisting all those gem traders and jewelers who in the absence of trusted gemological laboratories were unable to distinguish between a real and fake gemstone and jewelry items. is an independent gemological laboratory celebrated across the world for providing unbiased and professional diamond & other precious gemstones grading as well as jewelry appraisals services to the public and gem & jewelry traders.

Inaugurated in the year of 2006 with the single branch in India; has now with its indomitable attitude and persistent appetite to invent and bring something new to the table has expanded its horizon across the globe. Sensing its success in India, In the year of 2007, launched its branch in Australia to cater the Australian market. In the same year, overwhelmed by its success in Australia, opened its new office in the United Kingdom to provide its services to the ever-growing the United Kingdom diamond & precious gem industry.

The credibility of Gemlabworld.comĀ  in the field of gem & jewelry appraisal has further empowered by the certification of ISO 9001:2000. As of 2007, All branches of Laboratories are certified ISO 9001:2000 registered.

All laboratories of are fully equipped with the advanced testing tools such as laser inscription tools for grading diamond and other advanced tools for grading precious gemstones and jewelry appraisal. has the hunger to reach the highest pinnacle of the gemological and appraising profession. And, to fulfill this dream, the company is delving deeper into gemological concepts, new inventions, updating its skill and doing new research development in the diamond grading and jewelry appraisal fields. services are utilizedĀ  across the globe by gem traders, exporter, importers, jewelry manufacturers, independent gemstones seller & jewelry retailers, large jewelers and mostly by laymen who does not have the thorough understanding of gemstones and jewelry.

With each passing day, the is pushing the envelope to increase its international presence and working dedicate to offer the highest quality and most precise grading and appraisal services.

Qualified Team of Gemologists: has comprised a talented and well-skilled team who has acquired more than ten years of experience in the field of gemology. They check and find out whether the gemstone, jewelry item or diamond is suitable for personal uses or not. Thus, hired experienced gemologist to make sure from their end that you get accurate knowledge about gemstone, jewelry, and diamond grading at the reasonable price in less time. Besides this, also keeps a hawk eye on the quality of the products and never comprises on this front at any cost.