Know The Interesting Facts About Emerald Gemstone

Know The Interesting Facts About Emerald Gemstone

Know The Interesting Facts About Emerald Gemstone
Know The Interesting Facts About Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is a bright or pale green natural gemstone that is noted for its striking beauty. The hue of the natural emerald stone is practically unmatched which makes it one of the most popular gemstones in the whole world. This gemstone belongs to the Beryl family with a rich distinctly green color.

Here are some of the most important emerald facts and ideas that you should know about.

The precision of cuts is important for emerald

While we may all be stunned by the beautiful green color of the emerald precious stone, it is important to note that its color and brightness depends on its cut. A highly skilled gemologist can work with a paler stone to produce a darker tint in it using fewer facets and a deep cut.

On the other hand, a dark green colored stone can be cut in such a way that it appears lighter. This can be done with the application of more facets and a rather shallow cut. Hence it is no wonder that the cutting of the emerald stone has given rise to the term “the emerald cut.”

Emeralds are usually more expensive than the diamonds

The emeralds are rarer than diamonds and this makes them much more expensive. The truth is that a lot of people immediately think of diamonds when they hear about expensive stones. However, emeralds are generally much more expensive than the standard diamonds.

The rarity of the emeralds along has led to their expensive price ranges. Even in well-known emerald mines, it is not always easy to find large emeralds or superior quality stones. This means that whether you are looking to buy emerald stone online or from a traditional brick and mortar store, you are likely to find them at quite expensive prices.

Clarity is not the main attractive feature for emeralds

When it comes to diamonds, their clarity is one of the main factors that help to decide on their overall value. However, emeralds are often regarded as valuable based on the number of inclusions that they have.

These inclusions can give rise to lovely patterns which are often referred to as emerald’s garden or emerald’s Jardin. These patterns can look distinctively unique and this naturally increases their value. The great thing about these inclusions is that they can be easily detected and determined with the naked eye and so no magnification is required, unlike diamonds.

Emeralds have an illustrious history

The emeralds have a very long history and this naturally adds to their charm and value in the eyes of the buyers. In fact, they have been mined for more than the last 4000 years and have long been worn by royal families around the world.

The earliest samples of emeralds were mined around 1500 BC in Egypt. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was especially fond of the emerald stones. They were also valued greatly by the Inca civilization and the Spanish traders. Such a history of emeralds has naturally increased their demand in modern times.

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