Important Factors of Buying a Gemstone

Important Factors Of Buying A Gemstone Online

According to astrology, Gemstones have positive and natural powers inside them with which they can miraculously change a person’s life wearing it. Every Gemstone has its own significance and effect on the person who is wearing it. But wearing a wrong Gemstone could possibly affect badly on you. So, that is why it is said to first concern an Astrologer before you decide to buy a gemstone of your choice.

After concerning an Astrologer there also some other factors which one should take care of related to buying a gemstone. Like its originality, its Size, How to wear it? And lots more. Here is a guide related to every Gemstone which could help you with this.

The quality of a particular Gemstone is checked by its color, carat, cut and clarity. These are the Important factors of buying a gemstone online

Precious Gemstones:

Precious gemstones are the stones having fewer marks and scratches. Precious Gemstones are usually high in rates as compare to semi-precious Gemstones. There are only four Precious Stones i.e Emerald, Rubies, Sapphires and diamonds.

Semi-precious Gemstone:

All other stones besides precious stones come under the semi-precious gemstones category.

Gemstone Hardness:

Every Gemstone has its own rating on the basis of Hardness. Diamond has the highest rating of 10 on the hardness. Rubies and Sapphires have a rating of 9 on the hardness and emerald ranges from 7 to 8 on this rating scale. Hardness matters, if you are buying gemstones for daily wearing or occasional wearing.

In which jewelry you are going to wear also matters in the case of hardness. If you are going to wear it (daily) than possibly it could get scratched in time. Hardness decides the longevity of your Gemstones.

Gemstone color:

Gemstones are available in various colors. The types of colors are divided into two types: Primary color and secondary colors. Primary color includes red, yellow, green, blue and violet and secondary color include greenish-blue, red-violet like this. The gemstones with primary color value the most than secondary color gemstones.


As Gemstones are extracted from mines it is possible having some inclusions like marks or some kind of material inside it. The clarity of a gemstone is based on these inclusions. The gemstones having fewer inclusions are considered to have higher rates than gemstones having no inclusion.


It becomes necessary to cut Gemstones to give them a shape to fit into some kind of jewelry like necklace, rings, etc. A perfect cut to gemstones enhances its shine and elegance. It also hides some of the stone inclusions.


Gemstones are measured in Carat. The more the Carat is higher the value goes.

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