The Precious Gemstone Also Has A History In Itself

The Precious Gemstone Also Has A History In Itself

The Precious Gemstone Also Has A History In Itself

Most types of natural precious gemstone have thousands of years of fascinating history that show how they have influenced culture, civilization, economy and magical or religious beliefs.

Such gem information is as valuable as the gemstones themselves. So here are some of the gemstone names along with a detailed look at their histories.

Emerald A Precious Gemstone

The emerald gemstone is one of the most beautiful, precious minerals that are known for its striking green colour.

It is believed that Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had a strong thing for emeralds. The first known specimens of emeralds were mined in Egypt at around 330 BC.

Cleopatra not only had a strong passion for the emerald stone, but she also wore them herself and decorated her palace with bright green emeralds.

During this era, emeralds were considered to be the most valuable stones in the Ptolemaic and Roman world.

Therefore, it can be said that Cleopatra’s obsession with emeralds was a way of a royal figure using gemstones to display her power.

Even till this day, the emerald gemstones are regarded as a majestic symbol of power. Legends claim that emerald was among the four stones that were offered as a divine gift to King Solomon that gave him power and dominion over all creation.Emerald A Precious Gemstone

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, emeralds could be used for curing illnesses like to compromised eyesight and epilepsy.

The Roman emperor Nero wore an early version of eyeglasses made from flat-shaped emerald crystals while watching the gladiator games.

Emeralds were also regarded with great esteem by the Aztecs and Incas in Meso America when they were initially discovered in Colombia.

Colombia has been the principal location for mining the highest quality emeralds in this world. The emeralds mined from Colombia are different from the ones mined in other parts of the world because of their bright green colour that does not include any traces of a bluish tinge.

For hundreds of years before the Spanish conquistadors came to Columbia in the 16th century, Columbia was a hotbed of emerald mining.

When the Spanish transported these emeralds to their own country as treasures and precious stones of the New World, the Colombian emeralds earned a massive reputation among the European royal families as the most beautiful green gems.

Brazil and Zambia are other important producers of emeralds.

Opal A Precious Gemstone

The opal is practically the only gem that is known to man which consists of all the hues included in the rainbow.

The Australian aborigines refer to this stone as “Rainbow Serpent,” believing that they were originally formed the colours present in a rainbow got together as one.

The unique kaleidoscopic colours along with their brilliant lustre have led admirers to compare them to volcanoes, fireworks and galaxies.

The earliest known opal was found in Ethiopia at around 4000 BC. However, the modern term “opal” came from the Latin opalus and Greek opallios, words that denote the perceived change of colour in this stone.

Opal A Precious Gemstone

Over hundreds of years, they have been associated with the royalty of Europe. According to a legend, Mark Antony desired to gift an opal to Cleopatra, and he was ready to sell off one-third part of his kingdom to buy a single piece of opal.

Napoleon Bonaparte gifted Empress Josephine with a beautiful red opal which was called “Burning of Troy.” Queen Victoria of Britain wore opals all throughout her reign.

Tourmaline Natural Stone

The Tourmaline gemstones are valued greatly for their vibrant colours today. However, at one time these stones were often confused with other stones.

Tourmaline Natural Stone

The term Tourmaline has the meaning of mixed gems and Dutch traders named them in that way when they found these stones for the first time in Sri Lanka.

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