30 Extremely Unique And Beautiful Rare Gemstones

30 Extremely Unique And Beautiful Rare Gemstones

30 Extremely Unique And Beautiful Rare Gemstones

If you are looking for gem information then you have come to the right place. We showcase some of the most stunning and outlandish minerals and rare gemstones that are found in the natural world.

While you may want to buy them with appropriate gemstone certification, you should certainly take the time out to know more about them. These gemstones and minerals are so out of the ordinary that we felt compelled to present a list of the 30 best ones for you.

Here are some of the most interesting gemstone names that you will ever come across. Each and every stone and mineral stand out for their majestic appearance.

1. Luz Opal with Galaxy Inside

30 Extremely Unique And Beautiful Rare Gemstones

The Luz Opal With Galaxy Inside is truly one of the most stunning creations of nature. The elements found inside this piece of opal create an image of a galaxy that is hard to miss.

2. Fluorite Rare Gemstones

fluorite stone

The Fluorite has an intense purple coloration which gives its unique beauty. The structure of the stone also enhances its brightness.

3. Lightning Ridge Black Opal

lightning ridge black opal

These stones have a striking shade of the blue lightning ridge in them that has earned them their name.

4. Sunset Fire-Opal Gemstones

sunset fire opal rare gemstone

The Sunset Fire Opal gemstone names create the allure of a distant sunset sky. You can see the image of sunburnt clouds when you look into this gemstone.

5. Opal Fossil Rare Gemstones

opal fossil

The opal fossil truly exudes a look of a fossilized mineral that has been underground for millions of years.

6. Bismuth Rare Gemstone


The square-like elements present in this stone creates a stunning look that is difficult to define.

7. Titanium Quart Gemstones

titanium quartz

While titanium may be one of the most beautiful substances known to man, this unique piece of quartz really defies all standards of mineral beauty.

8. Ocean Inside An Opal

Ocean inside an Opal

This piece of opal with its blue shade actually creates a calm feeling that is associated with the sea.

9. Azurite Rare Gemstone


The bright blue shades of this stone make it an extremely dynamic piece in its own right.

10. Empress of Uruguay Amethyst Geode

30 Extremely Unique And Beautiful Rare Gemstones

Empress of Uruguay is the largest Amethyst Geode in the world. The deep purple color of this amethyst geode certainly takes you to another world.

11. Rose Quartz Geode

rose quartz geode

This Rose Quartz Geode has a bright pink color which creates a serene yet brilliant look.

12. Rhodochrosite


The Rhodochrosite mineral has a stunning red section juxtaposed with spinal components beaded on a black base.

13. Crocoite Rare Gemstones


This is yet another mineral that exists in the form of red spinal structures. The bright red shade of the mineral captures the attention of the onlooker almost immediately.

14. Uvarovite Rare Gemstones


The Uvarovite mineral mimics the green shade of the emerald and looks equally beautiful and stunning.

15. Cobaltocalcite

Cobaltocalcite rare gemstones

The Cobaltocalcite mineral looks like a sponge or coral from a deep underwater ocean bed.

16. Scolecite Rare Gemstones


The Scolecite looks amazing for its milky white spinal structures.

17. Chrysocolla In Malachite Rare Gemstones

Chrysocolla in Malachite

The Chrysocolla in Malachite looks like a piece of underwater alien setting.

18. Burmese Tourmaline Rare Gemstones

Burmese Tourmaline

The dark shades of Burmese Tourmaline can capture one’s imagination and leave one spellbound.

19. Watermelon Tourmaline Rare Gemstones

Watermelon Tourmaline

This mineral is truly a testament to its namesake fruit.

20. Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Rare Gemstones

Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Stone

21. Tourmaline on Quartz with Lepidolite and Cleavelandite

Tourmaline on Quartz with Lepidolite and Cleavelandite rare gemstones

This is truly one of the most striking minerals in the natural world.

22. Fukang Meteorite Cyanotrichite – Arizona

fukang meteorite cyanotrichite – arizona rare gemstones

23. Botswana Agate Rare Gemstones

Botswana Agate

This mineral consists of lines and striations which create its unique beauty.

24. Alexandrite Rare Gemstones


Alexandrite immediately captures the imagination of an onlooker with its bright coloration and luminescence.

25. Blue Agate Geode Rare Gemstones

blue agate geode rare gemstones

The inner elements of the Blue Agate Geode resemble a healthy fruit.

26. A Heart of Flesh And Blood; Carneole

A Heart of Flesh And Blood; Carneole

This mineral truly reminds one of the bloody hearts.

27. Purple Geode Druzy Rare Gemstones

purple geode druzy rare gemstones

The Purple Geode Druzy Stone stands out for its hypnotizing beauty.

28. 1.8 Mm Multicolor Rutile Crystal

1.8 Mm Multicolor Rutile Crystal

The 1.8 Mm Multicolor Rutile Crystal is a stellar mineral that consists of both milky white elements and strikingly colored crystals.

29. Australian Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

Australian Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

30. Fukang Meteorite Rare Gemstones

Fukang Meteorite

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